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Applying for Aid

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Filing instructions below are for 2013/14. 
Updated instructions for 2014/15 will be available shortly.


Parents should indicate that they intend to apply for financial aid on the Parent Form of the Admission Application.


By Feb. 1:

School and Student Services

Parent Financial Statement (PFS)

The PFS can be submitted as early as Nov. 1. If tax information is not yet available at the time of filing the PFS, please use estimated figures. If online completion of the PFS is not possible, please contact the Kent Financial Aid office to request a paper PFS application form. Be sure to retain your password and login information. After submitting your PFS, you will be given instructions about submitting additional documents. If possible, please upload required supplemental documents electronically directly to SSS to attach to your PFS file. If electronic submission is not possible, please submit signed copies of supplemental documents directly to SSS (SSS by NAIS, PO Box 449, Randolph, MA, 02368-0449), along with the required cover sheet.


By Feb. 1:

  • Signed 2011 federal tax return(s), including schedules and W2s/1099s
    Tax returns are required from each parent as well as the student applicant if student is required to file a return. NOTE: Parents of current students who have already submitted a 2011 tax return as part of their aid application for the current year at Kent need not supply another copy.
  • Form(s) 4506T. Please note that this form is required in addition to the tax returns, not in place of them. It should be sent to SSS regardless of the IRS mailing instructions on the document itself.
  • SSS Business/ Farm Statement(s) and most recent Business tax returns, including the K1 from those who are self-employed, or have Partnership, S-Corporation or Trust involvement

By Feb. 15:

  • Signed 2012 federal tax return(s), including schedules and W2s/1099s
    From both parents and student (if applicable)


Please note: The majority of our financial aid goes to U.S. citizens, but in recent years we have funded highly desirable international candidates as well.

By Feb. 1:

  • International Student Financial Aid Profile mailed directly to Kent School or submitted to SSS along with documentation to verify income. You may send this via mail or upload it directly to your PFS application.
  • Income verification documents
    Most recent tax return(s) and/or official employer statement(s) of annual earnings
  • SSS Business Farm Statement(s) from self-employed parents, including those with an ownership interest in a partnership or corporation

IMPORTANT NOTE: All documents MUST be translated to English if necessary and all figures converted ( ) to U.S. dollars. If all information is not translated and converted no consideration for aid will be given.

Kent School reserves the right to require additional documentation or explanation of unusual circumstances to determine eligibility for financial aid.


March 1: Re-enrollment paperwork is sent to returning students

March 10: Financial Aid decisions are sent to families of new applicants

April 1: Enrollment Agreements/Deposits due from returning students

April 10: Enrollment Agreements/Deposits due from newly enrolled students

For more information, please refer to our Financial Aid FAQ page, or contact us.